This Year MAJACE has decided to partner with Accelerating Men as our give back to the community.

Every year there’s a silent auction that supporters can bid on to win an item. All of the proceed collected will be given to the Non-Profit. We at MAJACE love to support any and every 501c3 when possible. Please read up on more about this year’s Non-Profit.

Why Accelerating Men:

Accelerating Men is a vehicle for helping young men identify and understand what their true gifts are. It is the drive to get the young men to be a part of Leading Man Program; a program to help young men understand how to accelerate in their God-given talents, abilities, gifts, and skills.

Accelerating Men Initiative Program:

An Accelerating Man is someone who desires to develop their identity and learn how to effectively operate in their God-given gifts. Accelerating Men will be taught the skills of making better sound decisions in their life. These young men will be guided by true doctrine, which will allow them to work and move through their problems. By using practical interpretation, these young men will explore healthy solutions to guide their actions.


Marcel Anderson

CEO, Executive Director

Spartanburg, South Carolina native Marcel Anderson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina, a ministerial license from St. Luke Ministerial Training, and is also completing his MAS in Human Development at Capella University.
While teaching in the field of High School Special Education as a Case Manager for five years, Marcel was inspired to create a male mentoring program. He founded Accelerating Men Mentoring Program in 2013, a nonprofit organization created to help educate, train, and cultivate young men to accelerate in their true Identity, build their Self-Esteem, and show them how to live a Healthy Lifestyle that reflects the will of God. Through their monthly workshops, seminars, conference calls and one-on-one consultations at The Boy’s and Teen Club in Raleigh, NC, Accelerating Men works diligently to impact the lives of young men, ages 10-18. As Marcel began to do his research, he realized there was a dire need for mentoring for young men within the local community, because there weren’t many consistent male mentoring programs established within the school systems. That’s where the groundwork began for Accelerating Men. With the help and support of Jeremy Holman, Marcel developed and created several effective programs within the organization. Marcel started working full time with this Nonprofit Mentoring Program in 2014 and never looked back from where he began.