The Jazz AND Coffee Escape is Proud to Support Victims of Crime

What is Victims of Crime?

Under the Compensation of Victims of Violent Crimes Law of 1997, Cyprus outlines that a victim is a person who has suffered serious bodily harm or impairment to one's health, which is attributed directly to a violent crime, or to an individual who has died as a result of such crime. The VOCP (Victim of Crimes Program) goal is to assist eligible victims of crime and their families cope and recover from the physical, emotional and financial impact of a violent crime. The VOCP assist victims with a variety of expenses that occur because of the crime.

The VOCP may help pay expenses related to the crime such as:

  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Hospital and Ambulance Bills
  • Emergency Shelter and Relocation Costs
  • Crime scene cleanup..,etc

There are several other expenses the VOCP can assist with. The list above is a short sample of the some of those expense. When viewing that list it is easy to see the direct correlation between the crime and the expenses.

The good news is that every state has a crime victim compensation program that can provide substantial financial assistance to crime victims and their families. While no amount of money can erase the trauma and grief victims suffer, this aid can be crucial in the aftermath of crime.

Victims of Crime is an organization that is important to Marcus Anderson as a close friend of his has endured this type of trauma. Violence is something we have no control over. However, by giving a donation to the Victims of Crime we can "pay if forward" for the next family who would have to live this trauma.

This year Marcus Anderson's Jazz and Coffee Escape 2020 will give a donation to Victims of Crime in memory of Dorothy Larry.

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